Aeropress coffee pot produces good espresso coffee

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I know, saying that coffee pot produces espresso is not politically correct. And the coffee maker that uses this pot is more like a french press.

It is known as aeropress, well if you find this name familiar, that is because it is the maker of the very well known frisbee -aerobie. Why would a frisbee maker want to make a coffee pot?

I got no answer for that, maybe it is because coffee is a large market? Anyway, before we move on to that, more on the why did I say that the aeropress produces espresso?


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For a coffee to be consider an espresso, it has to be thick (dimensional) and there need to be some crema, it is not bitter, but sweet. Coffee from aeropress has all the qualities, except for the crema, thus, folks in the coffee industry consider that to be an espresso.

What are the plus points for this aeropress? Personally, I like it because it is so easy to clean. After using it, you simply take out the plunger, pop out the spend coffee and then rinse it.

For some folks, they feel that this is similar to french press, no wastage, produces a single coffee everytime, but better taste. Of course, many people actually got this, because it is so reasonably priced at less than $30.


The usage is simple, all you need to do is to put a coffee filter at the bottom of the aeropress, put the aeropres on top of a coffee mug or a small coffee carafe.

Put in the desired coffee blend in the aeropress, pour in the desired amount of water (more water would get you a americano, lesser water an espresso), stir the mixture.

Allow this mixture to stand for about 20 seconds, then slowly push the press down, you should feel the extraction. Do it slowly, the recommended timing is 30 seconds.

The last step is of course, to take out the plunger and throw away the spend coffee. Then rinse the aeropress.

If you are looking for simple to use, easy to clean, and "green" solution, then this aeropress coffee pot would be the right fit for you...


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