Cheap coffee beans are not worth the money?

As almost all coffee lovers around the world know, the two primary coffee bean types that will most likely make up a significant percentage of our coffee intake will either be the Arabica coffee bean or the Robusta coffee bean.

Most coffee suppliers will tell you straight off that if you want cheap coffee beans then the Robusta coffee beans are the ones you should be looking for.

Originally from Africa and then Brazil, the Robusta coffee beans make their way to the coffee roasters across the world and are found in most instant coffees as well as espresso blends.

The secret about the Robusta coffee bean is that it is more likely to help create a prominent “crema” when you are making an espresso that the Arabica coffee bean will.


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Hence it is added to almost all espresso blends for this specific purpose. It also has almost twice the amount of caffeine per volume as the Arabica coffee beans have.

So the “cheap coffee beans” are perhaps a lot more pervasive than one might at first think.

Obviously, if you are purchasing gourmet coffee and its says Arabica coffee, then it will be Arabica coffee. If you are into roasting coffee beans and you purchase Arabica beans then you will definitely have purchased the Arabica green beans.

Aside from the level of caffeine, another significant difference between the Robusta and Arabica coffee is to be found in the difference in taste.

The Arabica has a far more palatable taste whereas the Robusta has the distinctive acidic taste associated with the higher level of caffeine.

Coffee brewing should be a pleasant experience and not filled with nasty surprises. If you want to use cheap coffee beans, then perhaps you should switch to instant coffee as opposed to coffee brewing with a drip filter machine.

Cheaper coffee beans are most often found in the instant coffee vending machines. Here for a few cents you have access to the cheap coffee.

The better quality coffee beans will be found in the gourmet coffee supply shops or even online coffee suppliers will afford access to coffee beans such as the Arabica coffee beans.

Are cheap coffee beans worth the money? It all depends on how you define the concept of being cheap. Generally speaking the lower the price of the cup of coffee the lower the quality of the coffee bean can be expected to be.


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