Cappuccino is sold in Starbucks and 7 eleven, are they the same?

Cappuccino was mentioned many time throughout this site, I spoke indepth on this espresso related drink and how it is now easier to make this drink. In fact, one can even get them from vending machines or 7 eleven. But, would you be getting the same standard of drinks from Starbucks versus 7 eleven?

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Before moving on towards that direction, how does one defines cappuccino? This gourmet coffee has its origin from Italy and was first invented in 1901 by Lugi Bezzera, the man responsible for the first espresso coffee machine.

Cappuccino was slower in gaining popularity compared to espresso which was an instant hit following the high adoption of espresso machines in the many coffee shops around Europe. This foamy espresso drink only became popular after world war 2 and after the war, this drink was spread throughout Europe, Australia, South Africa and South America.

The interesting thing is cappuccino did not become popular in US until the 1990's when coffee chains start to sprout and spread throughout US. These coffee chains also changed the way this gourmet coffee is being drunk.


This foamy espresso drink was originally meant to be drunk as a breakfast drink, in fact, until now, Italians seldom drink cappuccino with any meals other than breakfast. But, with starbucks offering it throughout the day, you get folks from US or Asia drinking it from morning to late at night.

In fact, there are research to show that most people are having it as a night drink and there might be a reason for it. Cappuccino with its froth on top of the coffee, is able to keep this gourmet coffee longer than all other coffees, making this a welcoming beverage for folks that are looking for something that can be warm longer in the chilly evenings.

Now, until here, what we are talking about are cappuccino that you would find in Starbucks and most of the coffee chains. These are the places where they have baristas that would brew for you this frothy gourmet coffee according to the 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk and 1/3 froth. But, what about those one can get from the convenience stores, like 7 eleven?

7 eleven usually served its coffee and all gourmet coffee from table top vending machines. All the gourmet coffee are produced in a high speed cyclonic mixing chamber, mixed inside the whipping chamber together carefully regulated heated water and then its is dispensed as a cappuccino, lattes or your favorite coffee drink.


The coffee that produces these drinks are freeze dried or granulues that are produced from big names manufacturers like Nescafe and although millions of dollars have been spent on making this drink as close to the original, it is not the same.

So, cappuccino from starbucks and 7 eleven are different, but think of it this way, at 3 am on a winter morning, that cappuccino from any convenince stores would still warm you up right? Starbucks does not open until few hours later, so can you wait?


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