Important espresso accessories for a good espresso

Espresso accessories are not necessarily what comes to mind when one reflects on what makes or defines a good espresso coffee or cappuccino.

Usually one would want to reflect on the merits of one of the many espresso coffee makers on the market. Do the espresso machines have a steam or pump mechanism?

Or, does the espresso maker, the barista, know what he or she is doing? Seldom does one reflect on the necessity of espresso accessories.

So what constitutes good accessories to make espresso? There are a number of basic items that are essential accessories.


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First and foremost is the tamper. Espresso tamping is an important part of the espresso making process.

Obviously, if your espresso maker uses espresso pods, then you do not require a tamper. A tamper is an espresso accessory required by those that use espresso ground coffee in their espresso machines.

There are different types of tampers made from different materials. The importance of the tamper is the size and not necessarily the material from which the tamper is made.

It is important that the tamper fits precisely into the espresso machine filter. The espresso coffee grounds need to be tamped uniformly to allow for an even distribution of the hot water as it is driven through the grounds and into the cup.

Another important item which qualifies as an essential when it comes to espresso accessories is the knock-out box. A proper knock-out box is important for cleaning out the porta filter after a brew.

The other accessory that is necessary to keep your espresso making good espresso for a long time is a head cleaning brush. A proper brush will ensure that the unit head stays clean for longer and the espresso maker will be able to make espresso better for longer.

A frothing pitcher is a jug that has a distinctly rounded lower part which allows the milk to swirl effectively when frothing the milk using the steam wand.

A variety of different sizes of frothing pitchers might be advisable which will allow for different volumes of frothed milk to be properly prepared.

One might also want to consider a set of cappuccino dusters to complete the accessory set. The dusters are usually made of stainless steel and help make neat patterns on the frothed milk top of a cappuccino using cocoa or chocolate powder.


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