Have you seen a macchiato before?

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Sure, we know that macchiato is an Italian word, meaning "marked" or "stained". But, beyond that I believe very little folks know much about this mysterious drink.

Mentioned espresso, latte or mocha, we not only know but most are even able to identify it.

In fact, many of us would also be able to tell you that cappuccino is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steam milk and 1/3 froth. However, very little folks can tell you this M drink composition.

Similar to coffee, there are a lot of variations about this drink, however, we would take the one that is adopted in most cafes and coffee shops. Generally, there are 2 variations of macchiato: the long and the short.

A short drink comprises of 1 shot of espresso in those mini cups add with a dash of milk. And if you would do order a long, it comes in a long glass filled with 2 shots of espresso and a small amount of milk.

The difference of it from cappuccino and the rest of the coffee drinks lies in the peak and the pouring in of the milk.

The whole idea is to pour the milk in slowly so that it would not reach the bottom of the glass (of course, this applies more to the "long" version). Pouring in the milk slowly would create a layered drink that is the general image of this drink.

Within this drink, there are 2 variation, the caffe and the latte macchiato. The former drink is exactly what we had described above, espresso filled with a small amount of milk.


The latte version is the opposite, with steam milk filled with approximately 1/2 shot of espresso. This creates an area of crema and thus make this drink a "marked" milk.

Some of you might be thinking of what would you see if you would to visit your local coffee shop, or a Starbucks. Well, I do not know about the coffee shops but Starbucks define it as 1 shot of espresso in a demitasse, topped with a small dollop of foamed milk.

It might not be complete, but that is about as much as I know about macchiato , hope knowing this drink makes you appreciate it even better!

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