What Exactly is Specialty Coffee?

There are lots of ways to identify whether a coffee is specialty coffee, gourmet coffee or just ordinary coffee.

Probably the finest and the easiest way are to distinguish the rating that has been provided to the coffee by SCAA or simply the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

If it is 80 on a scale of 100, then you can be guaranteed that it is speciality coffee.

Another way is to distinguish the coffee beans that have been employed in the preparation of the coffee.

For this coffee it is necessary that good quality Arabica beans be utilized in the preparation. The largest part, if not all, is made from Arabica coffee beans grown at higher elevations.


No, this coffee would definitely not come from some unknown coffee importers or some strange country.

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A good number of the coffee types are made from the lower quality of Robusta beans that has a bitter taste and are high in caffeine content as well as lack in aroma and flavor. These would not be deem as such a coffee

To be classified as specialty, the coffee is made from special beans grown only in ideal coffee-producing climates and the coffee beans aspect is the unique flavor based on the soils that formed them.

And even when blended, the beginnings are identified and client associate meaning and expectations with the name of regions, lands, plants and farm. Lots of coffee growing nations has companies, agencies and associations of growers who manage the developments for exporting, marketing and cultivating the best possible coffee.

To be classified as a specialty coffee, the roasting and freshness is consider important, but nobody can decide at this moment the right roast or even a range of roast.

But the most important factor for specialty coffee is the brewing process. Brewing method happens to be the one which produces the highest amount of coffee flavor and aroma.

In closing, the good thing regarding this coffee is its freshest and coffee blends that excite the taste buds.

It offers you the drinks you have always loved as well as provide you the good benefits on your health profile.

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