Espresso vs Coffee

Espresso vs Coffee – Which is better?

While there are millions of coffee and espresso lovers around the world, this question is very hard to answer. Some people prefer to drink coffee, while others prefer to drink espresso.

There are also a lot of people who love to drink both. Therefore, there is no real answer to this question. It all boils down to preference.

However, it helps to know what makes coffee different from espresso, and vice versa. Doing so will not only broaden our knowledge about the beverages that we love to drink so much, but also increase our appreciation for both coffee and espresso.

Espresso vs Coffee – What makes them different?

What makes espresso and coffee different from each other is the way they are brewed.


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For one, the brewing process of coffee involves hot water mixing with the grounds for a minute or so. The flavor and essential oils of the coffee grounds are then extracted by the hot water, which is then filtered to prevent the coffee grounds from escaping the filter basket.

The end result is the hot and flavorful beverage we all know and love to drink, which is coffee.

On the other hand, the brewing process of espresso is quite different from the way coffee is brewed. The espresso brewing process involves forcing a small amount of steaming water through a tight pack of finely ground coffee grounds.

The end result of this process is a very small quantity of strong and intensified coffee, which is espresso, with a top layer of foam, which is known as crema.

There are other varieties of espresso as well. For example, when espresso is made from a stovetop espresso maker, it is called moka.

In addition, cappuccinos, lattes, and machiattos are also different styles of espresso served in various coffee shops and Italian espresso coffee bars today. While some people believe that espresso carries less caffeine than coffee, this is actually a myth. In fact, this is always debated among coffee aficionados in coffee review sites, forums, and blogs. Caffeine content depends on the roast and blend of the espresso coffee beans being used.

For example, Robusta has significantly more caffeine content than Arabica, regardless of the preparation being used.

In fact, Robusta has twice the caffeine content of Arabica. Generally speaking, though, the caffeine content of espresso of an espresso cup is the generally same as the caffeine content of strong cup of coffee.

Espresso vs Coffee – The Verdict

Although some people prefer espresso or coffee, neither is the superior nor the inferior hot beverage. Both coffee and espresso deserve appreciation and love, since both are delectable drinks that we can all enjoy, whether in the coffee shop, espresso bar, or in the comfort of our own homes.

Therefore, nothing is stopping you from loving coffee, espresso, moka, cappuccino coffee, lattes, and machiattos. Yes, there is probably no result or no one would ever chose a winner in the espresso vs coffee situation...

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