Is Costa Rican Coffee Really that Bad?

COsta Rican coffee are not finding flavor in the sight of coffee experts also known as coffee snob. They find it "lacking", whatever that means.

But this coffee has come a long way. Since the 1800’s, the Costa Rican Coffee Production has reached great levels in the coffee industry.

They may have gone through tough patches but nowhere in the globe would you be capable to taste such a taste flavor of coffee but the coffee originated from their lands.

Their coffee farmers grown their coffee beans productively in order to create a dynamic cup of coffee, in return these farmers are provided fair trade coffee certification that provides them numerous benefits.


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In fact, if you ask a few folks at their locality, they would cheerfully inform that you don’t need to purchase gourmet coffee just to experience the top tasting beans.

A few coffee reviews online stated that buying coffee online especially the Costa Rican coffee is a good choice among the rest.

Firstly, the Costa Rican coffee is categorized under classic cup because of its mild and too balanced tastes compared to Kona coffee and Arabica coffee. costa-rican-coffee
In terms of coffee grades, the Costa Rican coffee classified under average class, whereby it is well balanced in criteria such as aroma, taste and texture.

Nonetheless, they are considered highly for the intense roasted aroma with the touch of cocoa, and these are the essential components that made it excel and shine.

Moreover, there are varieties of Costa Rican coffee with pure astonishment and satisfaction. A few of these are the Catuai and Mondo Novo with an amazing mild, sweet taste as well as a bright color.

In addition, experts claims, that an organically grown coffee like Costa Rican tastes very different from the normal way of planting coffee beans since the common way of planting coffee beans are exposed to chemicals and other additives that have something to do with a more harsh taste after it has went through the procedure of roasting.

Now, coffee tours at the coffee plantation of Costa Rica are another extraordinary surprise for travelers because it offers valuable educational information.

The majority of the tour guides accompanies travelers and provides assistance in explaining how a few coffee plantations process their coffee.

Despite the fact that Costa Rica may not be the biggest producer and manufacturer of coffee in the globe, still it has its reputation that accepted by the National Coffee Association of United States of America for its excellent quality of coffee.

It is generally during these Costa Rica Coffee Plantation tours that people manage to taste a free sample of the country’s delicious coffee and chocolate covered coffee bean.

In closing, is Costa Rica coffee really that bad? Well, maybe it is the mild nature of the coffee that lead lots of coffee drinkers to say that this is not a good coffee, but the truth is, there are coffee drinkers out there that love such mild nature of Costa Rica coffee.

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