Tell Me Something about Colombian Coffee

The Colombian Coffee Beans are grown at high elevations and tended with meticulous care in the shades of rubber trees and banana.

Columbian coffee was named as the world’s best coffee due to its full bodied, rich and perfectly balanced taste but when we say perfectly balanced taste, it is said that the Costa Rican coffee has this coffee trait too.

For countless decades Columbia was the second leading producer and coffee suppliers in the world behind Brazil but in recent times, Vietnam outshined Columbia in exporting coffee to take the second place and move Columbia into a close third.

However, the old saying of quality over quantity definitely relates here.


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Anyways, Columbian coffees are grown into two major areas. These are the Central Region around Manizales, Armenia and Medellin which is known by coffee aficionados as MAM.

The other area where it is grown is the Eastern Region, a more mountainous area near Bucaramanga and Bogota.

The coffee varieties from MAM are known for their rich flavor, heavy body and fine, balanced acidity while the mountain grown Eastern coffee beans produce less acidic coffee, even richer and heavier. The most excellent coffee originated from this region. colombian-coffee
To be identified as best coffee, green coffee beans must go under a vigilant processing. The Colombian coffee applied this coffee processing.

When the coffee beans are affluent, red in color, this means they are ready to harvest. The farmes use a de-plucking engine to pluck the good beans

This engine will eliminate the red covering of the two beans that are located in the core of each berry.

The two beans that are located in the berry are rounded on one side and flat on the other.

The pulp that was removed will go directly to the soil as fertilizers for new seeds and plants while the beans, still enclosed in a tough parchment pod, go to big solid containers.

In these containers, the beans will immerse for 24 hours to cold mountain water. The sopping will initiate a slender fermentation procedure which is essential for the coffee aroma.

The beans are then washed in long gutters and after that the beans are dried up on big open terraces. Then, they are ready to be sold.

Another feature of Colombian Coffee that makes it very distinctive is the high standards of quality control in Columbia.

It begins in the coffee plantation where the country’s National Federation of Coffee Growers sends an inspector to examine each farm for hygienic settings, quality of each harvest and well tress.The inspector verifies if the coffee beans have been washed correctly.

In the end, Washed Arabica or simply the Colombian coffee has the maximum quality of Arabica coffee.

Unlike other coffee beans from other origins, Colombian coffee is washed and by this procedure it eliminates lots of acid substances and impurities. This might be a reason why this coffee provide fresh taste and strong aroma.

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