These are also considered espresso coffee makers?

Let us quickly review how espresso coffee makers work. In a nutshell an espresso is made by forcing hot water through tightly packed, finely ground espresso coffee.

The result is a dark brown, slightly thick liquid with a small amount of “crema”, which is a term used to describe the foam layer on top of the espresso.

Some have likened the crema to the head of a beer. The device itself requires a standard set of components that store water, heat the water, pump the water and allow for the dispensing of the water and or steam.

Different makes of espresso coffee maker have these basic components arranged in more or less a standard fashion.


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It is only the quality of the workmanship and the standard of material used in the construction of these espresso coffee makers that vary. The principle has always been the same. At least up to now.

Enter the Aero espresso maker. This is a coffee machine with a difference. Essentially it is a cylinder with a piston. The bottom end of the cylinder holds the micro filter.

Inside the cylinder one puts a mixture of grounds and hot water. This brew must be allowed to stand before the piston is inserted into the cylinder by hand.

Then the cylinder is pushed gently down forcing the hot water and coffee ground mixture through the filter into the espresso cup which has been placed below. can this device really be called an espresso coffee machine?


It has none of the standard components of espresso coffee makers. There is no use of steam pressure and there is no need for heat – aside of course to heat the water.

Is the extraction as good as regular espresso maker? Those that have tested and reviewed this device have given it positive reviews, something that will surely cause Italian coffee makers to shudder.

The espresso made by this particular method is said to be not as biter as regular espresso. It all looks the same in the espresso cup, but there appear to be some differences.

For purists, there can be no replacement of the hiss and gurgle of traditional espresso machine. These espresso coffee machines are as much a part of this coffee culture as is the smell and taste of freshly prepared espresso.

The new Aero espresso maker might in the end be favored by those that camp or those in a rush. This method of making espresso is faster than through the use of a traditional espresso machine. However, if you do not have the time to wait for the espresso to be “born,” does one really have the time to enjoy it?


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