What is industrial coffee maker?

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Industrial coffee maker, is only one thing -Big. The word industrial meant that they must have big capacity as they are meant to be consumed by the mass. Of course, it would be great if they can taste great as well, which is the reason why I would not be mentioning coffee vending machines.

Table top vending machines, are the de facto industrial coffee maker, they are able to do up to 100 serves with one top up and the taste is consistent with every brew. I do not think that coffee vending machines does not make great coffee, with so much R&D pouring into this machine, how bad can the coffee be?

That being said, I know that many folks still like the usual ground coffee brew, with many people looking forward to the steam and aroma of the coffee brewing.

The good news is there are many coffee makers that would be able to brew you your office free coffee , want to know why is the coffee free, check out the link, and one of the not so oft mentioned, but one that is good, is the Bunn CDBCF-APS.


This Bunn automatic airport coffee brewer with its up to 3 litres airport has the capacity that fit the bill of industrial coffee maker. In fact, with its patented "power boost", it can actually brew more than standard brewers by at least 15%.

There are many more great features about this bunn CDBCF-15-APS Bunn automatic airport coffee brewer, like its splashgurad that deflects hot water from your hand and its improved brewing system that gives you better temperature accuracy.

However, if this is for industrial use, then support from the coffee makers manufacturer is crucial. And this crucial function, is in build into the Bunn CDBCF-15-APS with the electronic sensor that would feed back any brewer malfunction.

Of course, it helps that the phone support and field repairs has fast reponse time. They even provide quick problem diagonistics by the phone, and that is what I called support service!


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