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Instead of coffee maker uk folks chooses, it should actually be single serve coffee maker. However, as I read with great interest about how the folks in UK actually voted in their for their single serve coffee maker, it is very different from the US.

Personally, I do not think this coffee maker uk chooses, represents the taste profile of the entire Europe (in fact, I thought that UK taste profile should be closer to US). But this again confirms my thought on coffee maker ratings, that it is not all numbers and stats!

Anyway, places like Italy and France, they are not really into single serve coffee yet and most coffee drinkers prefers to have their cuppa in coffee shops rather than brewing it at home.

For the single serve coffee makers, in US, Tassimo is the hottest stars and with its new recent bosch tassimo launch and its foray into Europe, I thought that its popularity would repeat in Europe.

So, it came as a surprise when a recent survey shows that the single serve coffee maker uk folks prefers is nespresso.

Sure, nespresso is a good coffee maker, but it lacks the variety and on top of that, you need a seperate equipment know as the Aeroccino to make cappuccino and latte. For US folks, other than Tassimo, it would be Keurig then Senseo and Nespresso is not really that popular there.


Anyway, in this survey, the comparison was done between various single serve coffee maker, including tassimo and the reason that nespresso emerges as the consumer choice, is mainly due to its ability to deliver a better cappuccino.

Tassimo is the only single serve machine that is able to brew cappuccino, but in this survey, the Uk folks found the taste flat and the taste like instant coffee.

Nespresso on the other hand, with its aeroccino, is able to heat and wisk the froth almost similar to most espresso machines and I guess the taste profile is how nespresso won its uk consumers.

Other than this, the uk folks are also impress with the usual trappings of a single serve coffee machine like the ease of use, ease of maintenance and ease of ordering (online orders), so now you know that the coffee maker uk folks like...


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