Stainless steel coffee maker is so out dated?

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If you think that stainless steel coffee maker is out dated, then you are probably linking stainless steel coffee machine to the percolator. And it is true, that most percolator are stainless steel.

But, with the introduction of thermal carafe, there are in fact many versions of drip filter that can be term stainless steel coffee maker too. However, since we have already make many mention about drip filter coffee maker, for this one article, we would see why people have the thinking that percolator are out dated.

**Many people think brewing skills is out dated too, but no matter how good is your coffee maker, brewing basics would help you brew better, if interested, check out this free coffee course.

I guess the very first thing that people associate with percolator is the "manual nature" of this coffee maker. This is a coffee maker that is usually stove top, although I must add that currently there are many models that uses electricity and of course unlike the drip filter or espresso machines, it is non programmable.


Being non programmable, means that one have to be physically there to brew the coffee, a notion that many busy folks do not like. And this probably explained the low demand for the percolator.

By percolating, what this stainless steel coffee maker does, is to cause water to pass through the coffee ground in order to extract the coffee beverage.

Currently, in the market, there are two types of percolator, the first type percolate by forcing boiling water under pressure through the coffee ground into a seperate chamber. The second type percolate by continuously cycling the boiling brew through the coffee ground using gravity, until the desired strength is attained.

Well, the question at this point that you might have, would be probably about the practicability of this coffee maker. Seriously, unless you loves perked coffee which has a certain distinct taste, you would probably not be considering percolator.

This is because, drip filter, single serve and even espresso coffee maker all offers much simpler solution in getting your cuppa. Do not be mistaken that percolator is very difficult to use, its level of difficulty is probably the same as moka pots.

But, personally, I think convenience is what most people are looking forward in today lifestyle and so this stainless steel coffee maker might not be for everyone.


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