Travel espresso makers follows a century old concept

Travel espresso makers might be one of the latest coffee brewing devices to hit the market, but this concept is certainly not new.

The idea of being able to take your favorite and or necessary appliance with you when you travel is a lot of older than one would think at first.

The small traveling iron or the small traveling kettle are some of the more well known travel appliances. The Velox travel espresso maker needs to be added to this list.

It is one of the few espresso machines that have been purposely designed for travel.


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There is no reason why the seasoned traveler need sacrifice a good espresso coffee during his travels. You can always have your espresso on the run so to speak.

Aside from the fact that this little espresso maker is crafted by artisans, it comes in its own handy bag together with two espresso cups and two spoons.

This travel espresso maker is able to produce two cups of espresso at a time. This small machine will not be the espresso maker on your kitchen counter.

In all likelihood your home espresso maker will be something along the lines of the Starbucks Barista espresso maker. As it is neither practical more desirable to pack your Starbucks espresso maker into your suitcase, you need a good and reliable travel espresso brewer to take with you.

There are many espresso machine reviews which help you to choose a coffee maker. The reviews that deal with the travel espresso makers which is manufactured by Velox, are favorable indeed.

It is easy to pack into one’s bag for the simple reason that it has its own little case. In this day and age of heightened security, the transparent material used for the espresso makers and is a good idea.

Should your luggage be checked the official is able to identify what the gadget is without having necessarily to unpack it at all. There is even space in this bag for a half pound bag of ground coffee. Everything you need in one place so to speak.

The fact that this machine has been assembled by hand will give you some idea as to the quality and longevity of this travel espresso brewer.

The machine, two cups and two spoons together with a half pound bag of Italian ground coffee can be bought to solve your espresso needs as you travel.

As long as you remember to pack the international socket adapter you should have espresso wherever and whenever you desire it.


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