Why car coffee maker has not make it?

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Theoretically, car coffee maker should be one of the big things in US, the country that boast of the highest expenditure on automotives and a national of coffee drinkers. So, why did this 12 volts coffee maker failed to make it big or was being mentioned positively in coffee maker ratings?

The barriers to the growth of the car coffee maker are both external and internal. External in the sense that the growth of the coffee industry make it unnecessary to purchase this coffee brewer.

At one point in time, some analyst was saying that one Starbucks is opened everyday. And that is just talking about starbucks, we have not explored other coffee chains and coffee shops. And that is a lot of coffee joints opening and selling coffee.

So, even though you might be travelling from one place to another whether it is in the US or other countries, you can be assured that there would be places where you can get your cuppa!


In fact, as long as there are shops, there would be coffee served. Think of the petrol station, there would be at least some vending machines that served you hot coffee. So, why would you want to bother with fixing a car coffee maker, when you can get fresh hot coffee practically everywhere?

Now, if the coffee brewed from the car coffee maker is superb and the standard is similar to your home drip filter coffee maker, then one might get this brewer so as to get better quality coffee. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Because this coffee maker relies heavily on the battery and current coming from your vehicle, not only does it take very long to brew, most of the time, it can even reach the desired temperature to brew the coffee.

If you would to browse through marketing journals showcasing these coffee brewers, they would boast of short brewing time, and you would be amazed to see something like 20 minutes! With an average brewing time of 45 minutes, 20 minutes is one of the fastest you can go for this coffee brewer.

But, even then, it would depends heavily on the current output from your vehicle. The current that your vehicle is supplying would also determine the temperature that the coffee would be brewed. But, due to the alternating voltage, most of the time, the temperature cannot be maintained high enough to brew a good cup of coffee.

If you would to ask my personal opinion, it would be far easier to brew good coffee from your home unit, keep in it thermal mugs, enjoyed it on your journey and during your halfway stop, top up your mug with fresh coffee to last to the next destination. This is a far easier and tastier way to enjoy your coffee...


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