Expresso coffee is something you cannot drink!

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Yes, this is because expresso coffee is anything but the coffee drink that you have in mind! I know you meant the coffee when consumed would give you a pleasant and not bitter aftertaste.

That, my friend is known as espresso coffee and not expresso coffee! It is a coffee other than giving you a pleasant aftertaste, would have a lingering effect on your palate for close to 10 minutes, leaving you with an nutty flavor.

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You are looking for espresso because you have heard of how good this coffee is right? And you are right! With more than 600 over different chemical components like sugars, caffeine, proteins in solution, emulsion of coffee oils, colloids and more, it is flavor, aroma and energy packed into a little cup.

No wonder, the Italian call it "Poco ma buono", which mean small but good! It has to be good, because for a single serve of espresso to materialize, it requires at least 42 coffee beans, espresso maker, many other variables working towards the same goal!


This article could not do justice to the "expresso coffee" that you are looking for, as there are really so many different things about this gourmet coffee, however, we would highlight one of the most important thing that defines espresso coffee -crema.

To evaluate if the espresso coffee brewed is good, one just need to look at the surface. If the creama is a rich blanket and does not dissipate on the very first minute that it is being made, and the "look" is a dark, golden "cream" floating enticingly on top of the finished espresso -it is a standard cup of espresso.

When you drink it, this crema is filled with rich aroma as your nose hits the crema breaking it out, this is a superb cup of espresso, you are being served by an expert barista!

So, I probably answered some of your question with regards to espresso coffee, but if you would want to learn more, click on this link expresso coffee and there are some more information on espresso coffee and also a feedback form for you to shot any query to us.

So, if you asking if there is really anything associated with expresso? Well, there is and here are some definitions we got for wikipedia:

The term Expresso can refer to:

* Expresso (film) - a short English comedy film
* Expresso (Portuguese newspaper) - a Portuguese newspaper
* Expresso spreadsheet - a spreadsheet community
* Expresso (fashion) - a fashion brand that joined the Fair Wear Foundation
* A common misspelling of espresso[1]
* A trim package for Plymouth automobiles in the late 90s.

Well, hope you are looking for the gourmet coffee when you type expresso, if not, the above definitions might be one of the things that you are looking for...


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