Expresso coffee maker can never be found!

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Expresso coffee maker cannot be found headline is not a gimmick, I am telling you that no matter how you search the net or retail outlets, you can never find this type of coffee maker.

Well, this is because there is no such thing as a expresso coffee maker, the real spelling should be espresso coffee maker. But, do not feel bad that you have got the spelling wrong, the fact is 40% of coffee drinkers still thought that it is spelled as expresso.

**40% of coffee drinkers are also not aware that you cannot use boiling water to brew coffee, to learn about more coffee brewing techniques, check out our free coffee course.

But, it is okay, because as long as I understand what you are looking for, I can provide some answer. So, if you are looking for expresso coffee maker (which I think meant espresso coffee maker), what is the one thing that you need to consider? If you are thinking about price, then I would suggest to you reading about other coffee makers rather than espresso maker.

This is because of their technology and extraction method, espresso coffee maker is at a higher price point that the usual coffee makers. Thus, if it is price that you are concerned about, espresso maker might not the correct genre of coffee makers for you.

People that wants an espresso coffee maker are looking for quality coffee. They are able to appreciate the intensity that espresso brings to them. The rule of thumb of an espresso drinker is they drink it neat. So, if you are someone that loves to dump sugar and milk into your coffee, then you are probably not an espresso drinker.


Now, back to the one element to take note of when looking for espresso coffee maker, personally I think the pressure that the machine is able to generate is key. Take steam powered espresso maker as an example, they are among the lower price tier among the espresso machines range, but they cannot do an extraction on more than 8 bar pressure.

Without a 12-15 bar pressure, the espresso that you are going to extract would be dilute and lifeless. Therefore, you would be better off, spending the money on a good drip filter coffee machine then to spend it on a low end espresso machine.

To me, if you are looking for quality espresso, then it would have to be a pump driven espresso machine. These machines are the ones that are able to extract the coffee at a pressure no lower than 12 bars.

In fact, if you are looking for a no fuss easy solution to getting good espresso, you can check out some single serve coffee maker as well. Nespresso single serve machine are also able to extract coffee from their capsules at more than 12 bar.

There you have it, my take on what to expect if you are looking for an espresso or rather expresso coffee maker. The machines available in the market comes with a lot of bells and whistles, but ultimately it is the pressure that does the extract of your tamped coffee that gives you the quality coffee, so just remember this pointer the next time you look for an espresso maker!


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