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Stay or go coffee maker is a thermal coffee brewer from Hamilton beach, in fact, I would think that it is the most well known brewer from this company.

Personally, I think that hamilton beach seems to be focusing on thermal capability quite a lot, even in another article where we discusses on the hamilton brew station, the key value add of this brand is also its thermal ability.

But, the brew station is not as mobile as this stay or go coffee maker. The 3 brewing options coupled with the cup selector allows the latter coffee brewer to be very flexible.

As the name suggests, you can either choose to stay and enjoyed your coffee or go to other places to enjoy your cuppa, this hamilton beach would ensure that you would be enjoying good coffee in both instances.

Let's say that if you want to have your coffee at home, you would be using the thermal carafe and you can select up to 10 cups of coffee without worrying that the coffee would go cold or bitter (the side effect of warming plates).


From most of the feedback garnered, the hamilton beach stay or go coffee maker thermal capability enables one to keep their coffee warm for up to 4 hours. So, 10 cups should be just enough to go around for a small family for a period of 4 hours.

There is of course the option of packing your brewed coffee and bringing it with you in their thermal mug. Each mug can hold up to 4 brew and similar to the thermal carafe, it can keep your coffee fresh and hot for at least 4 hours.

So, if you decided to bring it with you, this coffee would be able to last you till lunch, a fact that many coffee drinkers would relish -imagine having a hot cup of coffee beside you as you work, isn't that just great?

Other than bringing the coffee with you, you get to choose the strength of your coffee, brewing in smaller batches would mean that you would get a stronger brew.

If the idea of bring your home brewed coffee with you sounds good, it gets better with this whole brewing process being totally automated. This stay or go coffee maker comes with a programmable function.

Not everyone likes to wake up and brew coffee in the morning, but all of us appreciate the smell and taste of a morning coffee. For this brewer, all you need to do is to press a few buttons the night before, and your coffee is waiting for you fresh and hot in the mug ready to go with you to the office!

Although the programmable function is great to have, I find that the thermal function of both its carafe and mugs are the two elements that would add the most value to you should you decided to get this machine.

Why is that so? Well, these 2 items would ensure that you have fresh and hot coffee for hours after it is being brewed, what can be more "hot" than that?


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