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Red coffee maker is not a brand or make of coffee machine, it is as the name suggest, a color for the machine. But, do you know that after best coffee maker and gourmet coffee makers, red colored coffee maker is among one of the most frequently search item?

**One of the most search terms, best coffee, while we cannot point you to it, our free coffee course might assist you in brewing that...

The question is why are people looking for this this color, red coffee maker, why not yellow or some other colors? I spoke to some interior designer, and they remark that red color kitchen appliances is the easiest to blend into any kitchen decor.

So, when people look for a red color coffee maker, it is merely for aesthetic purposes. But why not get a under counter or build in coffee maker, where you do not even have to bother with the look and feel of the coffee machines.

And here comes the interesting part, most interior designer remarked that most people would cater space for oven, dish washer, fridge but not coffee makers. The fact is, many people might not know that there is such an option as under counter coffee maker.


Therefore, it is only when the renovation is completed then they start looking for a coffee maker. By then, they would have to look for something that can blend in with their renovation.

Now that we know why people are looking for a red coffee maker, which one would I be recommending? Well, the fact is, there is bound to be a red color model for every brand, but based on the above evaluation, my take is you are someone that goes for the look and feel of a coffee machine, taste profile is secondary, so you might not want to spent too much on a coffee machine.

That being said, the quality still have to be there and the coffee definitely need to be fresh. So, my recommendation would be something that is on a lower price point, comes with a thermal carafe and of course has a good look and feel.

On that note, my recommendation would be the kalorik red thermo flask coffee maker. It has the features that comes with most drip coffee maker. A 12 cup capacity, detachable filter holder and water level indicators.

2 of its most notable feature would be the anti-drip function and its thermal carafe that would keep your coffee hot for at least 2 hours. And of course, this coffee maker looks great with its stainless steel body and the red outline.

With such comprehensive features and a price point below $50, personally I think this is a purchase that is pretty value for money. I guess the only drawback would be its name, kalorik is not as "famous" as your bunn or Mr coffee, but from the feedback and reviews that I have seen, it can do a good brew.

If you are looking for a red coffee maker to match your kitchen decor, this kalorik red coffee maker is a model that you can consider...


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