Waring pro coffee maker is only for selected few

Waring pro coffee maker in most reviews would get an average ratings. This is sad because this is one of the more durable and high capacity coffee machine around. So, why it is receving such a low rating?

When we are discussing about waring pro coffee maker, most of us would be referring to the waring wc-1000 professional coffee maker. Armed with 2 warmers and 2 carafe, it is perfect for a family and might even be sufficient if you want to host a small party.

Of course, other than the high capacity, this big coffee machine is good simply because of its size! Because it is bigger, it put out more power, at more than 1400. This power enables this brewer to brew coffee very fast, it would never take more than 4 minutes to finish one entire pot of coffee.

The whole idea about coffee brewing is to ensure that the hot water touches the coffee ground and extracts the flavor out. The hot water must seet the entire coffee ground but yet if it seet too long, then the coffee would be too bitter. So, the waring pro fast brewing is great in this sense.

Moreover, not many people want to wait very long for their coffee to be brewed right? So, the strongest value add for the waring pro wc-100 is the great coffee that it produces.


If the coffee is so good, why do I say that the waring pro coffee maker is only for a selected few? Well, its size is the reason why it can brew great coffee, but is it also the reason that many people cannot own it.

Just looking at its photo and you can imagine that this brewer is a tall fellow. The fact is, most of the modern houses does not have the overhead clearance to accommodate this coffee maker.

I believe most of the cabinet design would definitely not have the space for the carafe to be placed on the top, personally I think even slotting the waring pro coffee maker into place is an issue!

The large capacity that it is able to generate is also a double edged sword. It is great if you have a large family and is always having parties. But, if you are a small household with only 2 coffee drinkers, then this machine is definitely not for you.

Its minimum brew is 4 cups, so unless you are drinking that much coffee in a morning, buying this waring pro might mean high wastage of coffee.

Personally, I think waiting is acceptable but for the folks that are used to programmable coffee maker that dispenses the coffee as you read the papers and munch your bread, then the 13 minutes start up waiting time for waring pro might be agonizing to you to wait for a cup of coffee.

There you have it, waring pro a great coffee maker but for the selected few that can fully utilizes its capability. It is not meant for the masses.


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