Of all Krups espresso machines, this is the best!

It’s a fact that all Krups espresso machines really are top-of the line, but just as in any group there’s always one that is bound to stand out; one that would surpass everything that the rest has to offer for that ultimate coffee experience.

The Krups XP7225 model is perhaps the ultimate espresso machine of the brand. As a fully automatic espresso coffee maker, it literally does all the work for you!

From grinding, tamping, brewing, and frothing; all you have to do is press the button, wait a minute literally and enjoy drinking your freshly brewed coffee.

Measuring 12 1/2" in width, 9 1/2" in depth and 14 1/5" height, the Krups espresso machines XP7225 model is about 50% smaller than most machines and conveniently fits in tight kitchen spaces.


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Small as it is, it sure can catch everyone’s attention with its outstanding features and high-quality performance.Equipped with an integrated burr grinder and brewing chamber, ensures that coffee is at its freshest.

Most Krups espresso maker feature a 15-bar pump brewing system that exerts just the right amount of pressure, but what sets the XP7225 model from the rest is its unique heating system that delivers single cups of hot espresso within a minute.


A patented frothing system that makes use of an adjustable nozzle provides a perfect, creamy froth for cappuccino and latte drinks every time. Fool-proof froth!

The Krups espresso maker XP7225 model also features a Claris water filtration system that effectively removes deposits from the coffee while also preventing too much limescale build-up which eventually affects the performance of coffeemakers.

Krups espresso machines are no doubt the best that a coffee drinker can ask for and with a price that ranges between $685.00 - $1,000.00, it’s just another proof that Krups espresso machines can surely give competitors such as DeLonghi espresso machines and Saeco espresso machines a run for their money.

The Krups® XP 7225 provides the best and most outstanding features only a Krups coffee maker can offer. It’s compact, easy to use, and brews professional caliber coffee right in the comfort of your own home. Most of all, Krups coffee makers offers high-quality products at reasonable prices.


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