No more worrying about Krups coffee pot

When the Krups coffee pot of your Krups coffee maker breaks, that is the nightmare of every coffee lover, as it is usually unexpected, people would be at a lost about what to do (where to get that morning caffeine fix?).

Even worse is when this happens with a full pot of coffee. Not only have you lost a vital component of your beloved Krups coffee machine, but the two pints of freshly brewed coffee all over the kitchen floor are a terrible waste as well.

Once the mess has been cleaned up one thoughts will invariable wander to the question of whether a coffee pot replacement for your Krups coffee machine is available or are you stuck with a mutilated coffee machine?

All of these thoughts, in fact the entire horror scenario does not have to take place and can be successfully avoided through the use of the Krups Nespresso Dolce Gusto. The secret here Is that this is single serve espresso machine.


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That means that all you have to do is insert the coffee capsule into the machine, press one button and your favorite drink will be dispensed into your chosen container.

If all coffee lovers are honest they will confess to having a favorite coffee mug or cup for when they drink espresso at home, especially when they are alone.

The wonderful thing about the Nespresso Dolce Gusto is that it has an adjustable tray that can accommodate your favorite mug, no matter what its size may be.


There is no need to fight to pull out the carafe coffee pot from under the filter or worry about replacing a broken, chipped or over-used Krups coffee carafe.

This coffee maker will allow you the luxury of a single serve into your cup or glass whenever you wish. It is not as if the Krups coffee pot is a bad thing or obsolete in design.

Far from it. There are many machines, especially the larger drip filter machines than require a Krups coffee pot as an integral part of their mechanism.

The single serve espresso machines might be strained when you have to serve espresso to a largish group of people in your home. For this you might want to fetch the filter coffee machine out of the cupboard that has a carafe coffee pot which can cope with larger numbers.

However, when it is just you and your “significant other” then the single serve machines are the answer for a quick espresso.


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