This Krups espresso cappuccino maker gives you variety!

Value for money can be defined in a number of ways. It either is a good balance between the quality of craftsmanship of a product and its price or it can be defined as the relationship between what a device can do and what it costs.

The Krups espresso cappuccino maker is one such machine. It is able to make a variety of beverages at a reasonable price.

Not only is the coffee machine good to look at that it is also easy to operate. The Krups XP 2070 is a combination of an espresso machine and a cappuccino machine.

This Krups espresso machine has a number of very interesting features. The espresso coffee maker is able to be programmed for the size of portion as well as the strength of the espresso.


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If you can program the size of portion it is a given that you are able to program the Krups espresso cappuccino maker to make you coffee early in the morning.

Unlike many other cappuccino makers the Krups espresso cappuccino maker has a functional steam nozzle which is able to froth your milk perfectly.

Obviously there are other cappuccino makers on the market such as the Delonghi cappuccino maker that will also make you an acceptable cappuccino.

However it is the variety of this particular Krups espresso machine that places it at the top of my list.

Aside from making a good espresso or cappuccino this Krups coffee machine is able to make good filter coffee. The water reservoir is easily filled and one is able to monitor the water level easily.

The ten cup glass carafe will show you at all times how much coffee you have left. The machine is also easy to clean which is an important factor.

The variety that this espresso machine is able to offer is heightened through the use of the easy serving espresso pods.

Referred to as the ese pods, these coffee cartridges are able to provide the coffee lover with a wide range of coffee experiences.

The types and flavors of espresso available are staggering. There is hardly a reason to repeat the same flavor of coffee more than twice a year.

The advantage of the pod lies also in the ease of use and cleaning up later. For people who prefer a more traditional approach to making espresso or coffee there is of course a filter which will accept coffee grounds.


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