s Krups coffee from the Krups FME4 coffee machine good?

Firsly, do note that Krups coffee is best enjoyed from its machine. For those whose budget might not allow the purchase of an espresso machine, the FME4 automatic drip coffee machine might be well worth considering.

The whole idea of a coffee that is named after a brand meant that the coffee has to be brewed from machines that bears the brand. This is because there are variables inside the machine that brews the coffee differently.

You might be able to put the Krups coffee into another machine, but the best result comes from the use of a Krups coffee maker.

While, there are the makes of espresso machine on the market as well as other brands of coffee. Krups espresso is one of the best a coffee lover can enjoy. However, a cup of fresh percolated filter coffee is nothing to turn one’s nose up at. So, for those not willing to invest in an espresso machine, there is always the FME4.


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The nice thing about this particular Krups coffee machine is the fact that its carafe can hold enough coffee for twelve cups. Not only are you able to enjoy more than one cup at a time, but you are also able to offer others some of this fine coffee product.

You can use either beans for already ground coffee in this machine. For the freshest coffee taste many believe one has to have one’s own coffee grinder. In the hands of a novice, the overzealous use of a coffee grinder can quickly ruin the best coffee beans.


This is true regardless of whether you use Capresso coffee, Saeco coffee or even Gaggia coffee. Too long in the coffee grinder and you are guaranteed to have a burnt coffee taste dominate the coffee you brew.

If treated with respect, the humble coffee bean will produce a fine coffee brew. This is especially true if you use the finest espresso-Krups is one of the best-for this coffee experience.

Whilst for some the hiss of an espresso machine is fundamental to enjoy a good cup of coffee, for others it is the gurgle and pop of a filter machine that defines a good coffee event. Either way both are legitimate in their own right.

There are many features that make the FME4 a good machine to have. My personal favorite feature is the programmable timer which allows you to set the time of day at which the machine will start brewing your coffee.

It follows that there is no reason why you can’t start the day with a cup or two of freshly brewed coffee. The fact that the glass carafe has a no-drip spout makes it the ideal pot from which to pour coffee early in the morning.


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