The Krups Nespresso coffee maker that looks like espresso machine

A krups nespresso coffee maker that looks like an espresso mahcine is nothing special. But, when you are a coffee drinker, you want the best of both worlds.

The search for an excellent coffee maker is a persistent calling for coffee lovers as hundreds of machines are available in the market.

Coffee is part of our everyday life and there can be no other pleasure than having a reliable, easy to use and durable coffee maker in our home.

Coffee machines have different features per brand and you should look beyond the product description to decide what the right one for you is.


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Krups is one of the excellent brands of coffee makers in that produces high quality coffee with their Krups nespresso 897 machine.

This coffee maker really looks very much like an espresso machine. Not only it looked like an espresso machine but it functions like one.

But, what makes this coffee machine worth a closer look for serious coffee drinkers?

Reviews and feedbacks from consumers and experts give this product high rating for its class and excellence. So isn't it time for you to get the first hand experience to find out what really makes Krups Nespresso a special coffee maker.

Krups nespresso coffee maker has the body that is made of anthracite metal that is very tough and elegant looking, has the pump pressure of 19 bars. It also has thermoblock heating element, the programmable volume control, removable steam nozzle for hot water and steam functions, the cup warming plate and removable water tank.

All in all it completes this wonderful coffee maker that not only good looking but also accentuates passion for coffee.

With this Krups nespresso coffee maker, you can make your coffee or espresso easily because it uses nespresso pods.

You can choose from flavors of nespresso blends that will fit your taste for a better coffee experience and they are easy to find in the market.

Though Nespresso machines lack advanced programmable features like state of the art Delonghi coffee makers, its features are just as solid and the coffee produced are impeccable.

Its convenience in making coffee is unmatched and really satisfying for anyone because of the Nespresso capsules, its range of capsules can cater to any coffee profile.

So, my thought is Krups Nespresso 897 coffee machine is a great buy for anyone who loves drinking coffee, its price equates to the outstanding quality and solid features that it provides the customer.



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