Krupp Coffee Makers Actually Refer to…

Krupp coffee makers? Don’t you mean Krups coffee makers?

“Krupp” is actually misspelled. And yes, they actually refer to Krups, one of the most popular brands of drip coffee makers today.

And their popularity is well-deserved, since not only do they offer coffee makers that cater to every need, but they also offer their filter coffee makers and automatic coffee makers at competitive and affordable prices, which starts as low as $25, the same amount that you would spend for coffee at Starbucks for a month.

Krups owes its popularity to one of its most widely-used coffee makers, the Krups FME2-14 12-Cup Coffee Maker. The FME2-14 is a well-designed machine that neatly incorporates form, function, and cost.

First of all, this machine operates with a 1,100 watt heating element. This means that not only is the FME2-14 able to heat up water to the optimal brewing temperature, but it is able to heat up water quickly and efficiently.


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Hot water is introduced to the coffee grounds via the cascading brew head, which disperses the water evenly throughout the filter basket. This ensures that the coffee grounds are always fully saturated, and the brewing time for 12 cups of coffee is quick as well.

The water reservoir has a capacity of 60 ounces. Once the FME2-14 detects that the water tank is empty, it will automatically shutoff and will not function until the water tank is filled.

The FME2-14 also comes equipped with a blue LED control panel, which can be programmed to allow the coffee maker to brew coffee automatically at a designated time.

This feature allows you to set the "krupp coffee makers" to brew coffee just before you wake up, for instance. With the LED control panel, you can also set and adjust the automatic shutoff period, from 1 to 5 hours.

The FME2-14 brews coffee into a 12-cup glass carafe. And you don’t need to wait for the whole brewing cycle to finish to enjoy a cup of coffee, thanks to the FME2-14’s pause-and-serve function.

When the carafe is removed from the machine while it is brewing, the flow of coffee stops, allowing you to pour a cup mid-brew. Once the carafe is returned to the machine, the brewing process resumes and coffee flows into the carafe once again. The machine makes an audible tone that signals whenever the brewing process is completed.

The Krups FME2-14 12-Cup Coffee Maker only costs around $40, making it very affordable and accessible to anyone despite having all these convenient features that are found in more expensive machines.

This is why Krups (or as we know here as krupp coffee makers) is one of the most highly regarded coffee maker companies in the world.


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