Is it True that Coffee Cone Filters Brew Better Coffee?

Flat Bottom vs. Coffee Cone Filters

Flat bottom filters are the most commonly used type of filters today. Most coffee machines make use of flat bottom filters.

On the other hand, coffee cone filters are often used by manual drip coffee makers, which are cone-shaped filter baskets that you place over your coffee cup or mug.

Essentially, it’s a basic coffee cup filter that you can use to make coffee. You insert a cone filter inside the cone coffee maker, and then you place the sufficient amount of coffee grounds.

Then, to start the coffee extraction process, pour hot over the coffee grounds.


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One example of a cone shaped coffee maker is the Melitta Ready Set Joe, which is a single cup manual drip coffee maker that makes use of #2 cone shaped Melitta coffee filters.

There are a few coffee machines that make use of coffee cone filters as well, such as the Zojirushi Zutto 5-Cup Coffee Maker.

A lot of people claim that cone coffee filters are able to brew stronger and richer coffee than flat bottom coffee filters. It seems that coffee cone filters are able to keep the water in contact with the coffee grounds for a longer period of time before it starts to gush into the coffee pot or mug.

Here are the two worst case scenarios during the coffee extraction process. If the water rushes through the filter without staying in contact with the coffee grounds in a sufficient amount of time, the end result would be a weak cup of coffee.

On the other hand, if the water is in contact with the coffee grounds for too long, the end result would be a bitter cup of coffee.

Cone coffee filters are able to keep the hot water in contact with the coffee grounds for a sufficient amount of time; thus the hot water is able to saturate and extract all the coffee grounds, and the end result is a stronger, bolder, and richer cup of coffee.

Paper and Gold Tone Filters

Thankfully, similar to flat bottom coffee filters, there are disposable paper cone coffee filters and permanent gold tone coffee cone filters.

Paper cone coffee filters are able to take on any size of coffee grounds, whether it’s finely or coarsely ground coffee, without ending up with sludge in your coffee cup.

However, since paper cone coffee filters are disposable, you are required to have a fresh supply at home if you don’t want to find out that you’ve run out of paper filters at a very inopportune moment.

On the other hand, permanent gold tone cone coffee filters can be reused over and over again. Using these eliminates the need to stock up on disposable paper filters.

A thing to note is you can’t use finely ground coffee since the grounds will pass through the mesh, which will result in having sludge at the bottom of your cup.

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