3 Reasons to Like Gold Coffee Filters

Coffee enthusiasts and aficionados say that gold coffee filters are the better choice over paper coffee makers. Paper coffee filters seem to be the more practical choice, since these are cheaper than gold filters.

Furthermore, paper filters are more accessible and abundant, as a number of coffee companies manufacture paper filters for almost every coffee maker, such as Melitta Coffee Filters, Mr. Coffee Coffee Filters, and Bunn Coffee Filters, among others.

However, using gold coffee filters does have significant advantages over using paper filters.

First of all, gold filters actually give better tasting coffee. Paper filters would retain and absorb some of the essential coffee oils, affecting the overall taste of the coffee, and not to mention that these have a tendency to leave a papery or cardboard like taste to your coffee.


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Gold filters, on the other hand, allow all the essential coffee oils to pass through, and does not react chemically with the water during coffee extraction, thus giving you more intense, richer, and more flavorful coffee.

Second, gold coffee filters are easier to handle than paper filters.

With a paper filter, one needs to be careful when removing it from the filter basket or else the used coffee grounds will spill, making a mess.

Used paper filters, which are filled with coffee oils and used coffee grounds, can get very messy when removing and discarding after each brew.

On the other hand, removing and cleaning a gold toned coffee filter is easier. All one needs to do is to pour out the used coffee grounds and rinse the gold toned coffee filter under the tap to rid the filter mesh of coffee grounds that got stuck.

gold-coffee-filters The last major advantage gold coffee filters have over paper filters is longevity. Paper filters are disposable, and must be discarded after every brew.

Therefore, with paper filters, one must make sure that there are a bunch of paper filters in stock.

A gold toned coffee filter can last for years, no matter how many times it is used on a daily basis.

Therefore, in reality, a gold toned coffee filter is a much better investment and will save money in the long run, since a gold coffee filter can last for years.

There are a bunch of companies that manufacture gold coffee filters, such as Krups Coffee, Braun, and Swiss Gold.

Furthermore, there are two types of gold coffee filters, which vary greatly in cost. The first and more affordable type of gold filter is a gold plated stainless steel coffee filter.

The gold plating fades over time, but can still be used as long as the stainless steel mesh is still intact.

The second is the more expensive coffee filter that has a 23 karat gold mesh. This is the better choice among the two types of gold filters, since its gold mesh will not fade and is much more durable than the stainless steel mesh.

Gold toned coffee filters may not fit every coffee lover’s budget. Nevertheless, investing in it can go a long way. Not only does it eliminate the need for disposable paper filters, but also eliminates the possible scenario of running out of filters when one wishes to brew a pot or cup of coffee.

Most importantly, with a gold toned coffee filter, one will get to enjoy better tasting coffee.


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