Beehouse Porcelain Coffee Cones Help Improve Your Brew

Looking for an inexpensive coffee maker that brews great tasting coffee? The Beehouse Porcelain Coffee Cones are for you.

These cones are manual drip coffee makers that cost only $15 or $17, depending on the size, and do not require any maintenance costs since these have no mechanical and electronic parts.

The Beehouse Porcelain Coffee Cones are similar to the classic Melitta manual drip coffee makers.

Basically, these are filter baskets that hold cone shaped coffee filters that you place on top of your cup or mug. Fill it up with the appropriate amount of ground coffee, and pour hot water over the ground coffee to start the coffee extraction process.


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Depending on the size of the grind that you’re using, stop pouring water once it reaches the top; and once it subsides, start pouring again.

Continue to pour water until you have poured the appropriate amount. Conveniently, these coffee cones have viewing holes for you to see the coffee as it gushes down into your cup.

Unlike the Melitta manual drip coffee makers, these Beehouse manual drip coffee makers are made of porcelain, which make them more durable than their plastic counterparts and more heat resistant.

Unlike other manual coffee makers, such as the French Press, this coffee maker is very simple to clean. Just dispose of the used cone shaped filter along with the used coffee grounds, and either rinse the device in soapy water or place it in the dishwasher.

These Beehouse Porcelain Coffee Cones, along with other cone shaped manual drip coffee makers, brew great cups of coffee. This is due to the shape of the coffee filter that these devices use.

Cone shaped coffee filters can keep the hot water in contact with the coffee grounds for a longer period of time than flat bottom coffee filters.

Therefore, the coffee grounds are fully saturated and the flavor of the coffee is maximized. You’ll be surprised at how a simple device, that does not require any electricity and does not boast any high-tech features, can brew such a great tasting cup of coffee, whether you use flavored coffee, organic or green coffee, or other blends from your preferred coffee suppliers and roasters.

Of course, as with any other coffee maker, not including mill and brew machines, you would still need a good coffee grinder or have whole coffee beans ground at a local grocery store.

Nevertheless, this neat and simple coffee maker from Beehouse is the ideal solution for those who are looking for an inexpensive coffee maker that brews great tasting coffee.


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