Get Gold Cone Coffee Filters for Maximum Flavor

A lot of people claim that cone coffee filters are better than flat bottom coffee filters.

Cone shaped filters are able to keep the hot water in contact with the coffee grounds for a longer period of time before it gushes into the coffee carafe or coffee mug, depending on the coffee maker being used.

In other words, the coffee grounds are saturated fully, resulting in getting a stronger and bolder pot or mug of coffee.

One of the most popular brands of cone coffee filters is the Melitta Coffee Filters. Melitta takes pride in being the pioneer in using coffee filters to brew coffee.


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Melitta also takes pride in its manual drip coffee makers, such as the Melitta Ready Set Joe, which makes use of cone coffee filters.

However, as with flat bottom coffee filters, a debate exists between using a paper or gold tone coffee filter.

Paper filters are able to take on any size of coffee grinds without the risk of it finding its way into the coffee pot or mug. However, paper filters have a knack or tendency to absorb the coffee oils, thus not being to draw out the maximum flavor.

Furthermore, handling paper filters can cause a mess when disposing, as handling a wet paper filter can cause it to tear and spill used coffee grounds all over the kitchen counter.

Worst of all, some paper filters tend to leave a papery or cardboard-like taste on the coffee, since the paper reacts to the hot water during the extraction process; thus affecting the flavor.

On the other hand, gold tone coffee filters can be reused over and over again, eliminating the need to stock up on disposable paper filters.

A gold tone filter is more expensive than a paper filter, but in the long run, one actually gets to save money since a well-maintained gold tone filter can last for years.

However, it is necessary not to use finely ground coffee beans with a gold tone filter or else the grounds would pass through the mesh, which would result in a waste of good coffee, not to mention that some of the grounds would get stuck within the mesh, making it harder to clean.

Nevertheless, the big advantage that a gold tone filter has over a paper filter is it helps improve the taste of the coffee. Unlike a paper filter, it does not absorb the coffee oils, allowing it to pass through and the gold mesh does not react with the hot water at all; thus giving maximum flavor.

Similar to various coffee replacement parts, gold tone cone coffee filters can be bought separately. If can afford it, and if your coffee maker makes use of cone coffee filters, getting a gold tone cone shaped filter is a good investment.


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