Problem with Large Coffee Filters

Having large coffee filters that are too big to fit snugly inside the filter basket leads to some problems. This would cause coffee grounds to spill over, which will not only lead to a failed brew but also a huge mess on your kitchen counter.

Also, transferring a coffee filter too large to fit inside the filter basket can be daunting and messy, especially if the filter already contains coffee grounds.

Having large coffee filters usually stem from buying commercial coffee filters for a home coffee maker, buying flat bottom filters for a cone bottom coffee maker, or simply from you not knowing what size of paper filters should be used with your coffee maker.

This can be mitigated by simply trimming the large coffee filters so that they will fit inside the filter basket.


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When using flat bottom paper coffee filters for a coffee maker that is supposed to use cone bottom filters, there is a simple way of changing the shape of the flat bottom coffee filter.

• First, take a single flat bottom filter from a bundle of flat bottom filters.
• Turn the faucet on to a slow trickle.
• Gently hold the filter under the faucet and the slow stream of water until the filter becomes completely wet and the pleats or folds disappear.
• Hold the filter on top of the filter basket. Make sure the center of the filter is aligned to the center of the filter basket.
• Gently push down on the filter until its sides attach to the sides of the filter basket. If the filter is too big, fold the excess into a pleat or two until the filter fits snugly inside the filter basket.
• Since the filter is wet, it will attach itself to the sides of the filter basket.
• Once the filter is attached, fill it up with coffee grounds like you would normally do when brewing. Then, you can start the brewing process.

This is a very simple, yet very effective way of using flat bottom filters with a cone bottom coffee maker.

However, to avoid having to use large coffee filters for your coffee maker, it is always best to buy coffee filters that are compatible to your coffee maker.

In fact, most coffee maker companies also make coffee filters for their coffee makers.

For instance, Melitta coffee filters are best used with Melitta coffee makers. Similarly, Krups coffee filters are best used with Krups coffee makers.


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