The Delonghi Espresso Maker That Does Not Look Delonghi!

Yes, utlimately this is still a delonghi espresso maker, but it really does not look like one!

More than a century ago, the De’Longhi brand started out in Treviso, Italy, as a spares workshop, where a powerful dedication to excellence has served the company’s growth ever since.

The De’Longhi group owes its success and achievements to continuous development and diversification of business sectors with products that are extremely ground-breaking in their design and concept.

Today, she is one of the leading companies all over the world and renowned in producing quality coffee machines and coffee machines accessories.


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Like all coffee companies, they have added a De’Longhi espresso machine in their collection of single serve coffee maker. And that is the De’Longhi metropolis cafe retro DCM-1385 espresso maker with an innovative ESE pods.

The De’Longhi metropolis cafe retro DCM-1385 espresso maker is a retro-style espresso maker that uses an accurately standardized steam filtering system, making it to produce a delicious dark and rich espresso or simply creamy cappuccino. delonghi-espresso-maker
It has a cup tray that warms a cup of coffee for instant use and the high pressure safety valves that guarantees safe operation.

It also includes a removable water container with level indicator as well as a drip tray, making it to clean the item in time efficient manner.

De’Longhi metropolis cafe retro DCM-1385 espresso maker was finished in Italy and features fine-looking retro styling.

Moreover, De’Longhi metropolis cafe retro DCM-1385 espresso maker uses an original ESE pod filter holder, thermo cream filter system which is for superior brewing procedure and purer taste.

However, the problem with this retro-style Delonghi espresso maker is it doesn’t even look like a De’Longhi coffee machine. Lots of people especially coffee devotees would think of the De’Longhi metropolis cafe retro DCM-1385 espresso maker as being silver or black and having a very sleek look. This is because that it how the usual delonghi espresso maker, in fact most espressso machine look like.

But this particular delonghi look more like a La Pavoni and even FrancisFrancis.

But despite the fact that it never looks like De’Longhi, it produces a great tasting cup of espresso compared to capresso mt500 (now this is an opinion from a group of coffee lovers, so do not come after me for this, mr capress!:). Plus the fact that it has an ESE pod which makes it with ease to prepare a cup.

Ultimately, this is another way of De’Longhi coffee company to go away from the standard average of creating coffee machines, that is of course to create another advantage to compete in the very aggressive and competitive world of coffee industry.

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