Different DeLonghi Coffee Machines Same Value

Delonghi coffee machines comes from the same name company,and this company produces much more than just coffee machine.

DeLonghi is the world’s leading manufacturer operating in comfort leaving field such as comfort appliances and small kitchen appliances.

DeLonghi started as a small business in 1902, and incorporated in 1950.

In DeLonghi history, they are major manufacturer of air conditioners and portable heater, the company has lengthened his capacity to include almost every type of small domestic appliances in cooking and food preparation, as well as ironing and household cleaning segments.


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Of course, these days, when we heard of DeLonghi, we immediately recognize it as a good producer of different coffee machines.

DeLonghi coffee machines was created with innovative technology and the material used in the production are high quality in nature.

In fact, they had come up with their most ground-breaking DeLonghi coffee makers which include DeLonghi ESAM6600, DeLonghi ESAM5600 and DeLonghi ESAM5500T. These coffee machines almost hit the top chart market sales and shares in different countries. delonghi-coffee-machines
With this, let us share with you on the different functions and features of these DeLonghi coffee machines.

To start with, the DeLonghi ESAM6600 is an espresso machine.

It is a fully automatic incorporated with conical burr grinder that comes in different settings for regulating the coarseness and fineness of all kinds of coffee beans.

DeLonghi ESAM6600 has a direct-brew system that grinds coffee beans right away prior to brewing to create the freshest coffee or espresso.

Apart from that, this fully automatic espresso machine features Thermoblock technology and 15 bars of pressure for smooth heat distribution.

For additional handiness, the digital programmable menu settings of this espresso maker enables you to adjust the start time, the clock and auto shut-off, as well as adjusting water hardness and coffee temperature.

Another DeLonghi coffee machines which is also very popular is the DeLonghi ESAM5600. This coffee maker is the same as DeLonghi ESAM6600 that both features Thermoblock system and adjustable grinder level.

Additional features of this unit includes automatic cappuccino system, fitted cleaning program, foldaway water reservoir, aroma selector, detachable drip tray as well as CRF technology, memory switch and cup warmer.

While the DeLonghi ESAM5500T is a bean-to-cup coffee machine that features single touch system.

When we say single touch system is has the ability to create perfect espresso and lungo at specialized 15 bar pressure at the touch of a button.

This DeLonghi ESAM5500T include a De'Longhi patented single touch milk carafe that hooks into the frontage of the coffee machine and froths fresh milk for latte and cappuccino, also at the single touch of a button.

In the end, these delonghi coffee machines have almost everything in common from ease of use to creating a perfect coffee or espresso.

Also, they have the same sleek outlook, making it more eye-catching and popular. So, while they are different in features and functions, they are similar in their offerings -making You the consumer life so much easier.

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