Pyrex percolator – what you see is what you get

Firstly, Pyrex percolator is old technology. The coffee percolator has been around for close to two hundred years. It is widely assumed to have been developed in Europe in the early 1800’s.

Even if this “technology” is old today, the coffee percolator is still a favourite amongst many coffee enthusiasts and people who enjoy the outdoors.

The percolator coffee maker is easy to use. Water is filled in the bottom reservoir and coffee grounds are placed in the filter basket at the top of the central column.

The pot is assembled and placed over heat. As the water heats and boils it passes up the central column and spills out over the coffee grounds.

It percolates through the grounds and ends up in the reservoir from where it will pass up the central column again and percolate once more.


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The thing about the percolator is that one cannot see when the coffee is done. That is why a Pyrex percolator is great. This percolator is one of many Pyrex glassware items that have stood the test of time.

Pyrex is usually associated with Pyrex bowls and Pyrex dishes and not necessarily coffee percolators. Just as the Pyrex bowl is heat resistant and shock resistant, so the Pyrex percolator is able to with stand similar treatment. The great thing about using a Pyrex perk coffee maker is that one can monitor the progress made in the percolating process. One is able to closely observe the change is colour o the water to a rich coffee colour.

The Pyrex allows the coffee lover to individualize his or her coffee percolating experience by being able to accurately assess the progress made in the percolating process.

Just as it is easy to clean a Pyrex mixing bowl, so it is easy to clean this percolator. Any remains of the percolating process can easily spotted in the Pyrex glassware percolator.

Unlike other percolators where it is not possible to easily inspect all the components of the percolator, the Pyrex allows for easy and thorough inspection.

A clean coffee percolator is the secret to good percolated coffee. Any residues from a previous brew might become rancid and there by taint and spoil any subsequent brew.

Pyrex transparent nature allows you to clean it and gives you the ability of being able to accurately assess the strength of the brew that makes the Pyrex percolator such a good idea.


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