Percolator brush is one of them

Percolator brush can gives good coffee might baffle many of you. Now, there is no great science in distinguishing good coffee and bad coffee.

The bad coffee does not always necessarily have to be a product of poor quality coffee beans or a poor quality coffee percolator.

The reason can be something as simple as not having a percolator brush. So what is this brush anyway? More of it later, first you have to know more about the percolator coffee maker.

Whether you have a stove top percolator or an electric percolator, it does not really matter.


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All coffee percolators have a central column up which the heated water will travel to spill out over the coffee grounds that have been placed in the filter basket at the top of the column.

Once the heated water has percolated through the coffee grounds it falls back into the water reservoir at the bottom of the coffee percolator only to be drawn back up the column to spill out over the wet coffee grounds again.

So what does this have to do with a percolator brush? Well this brush is a thin brush that will fit into the centre column of either your stove top percolator or your electric percolator.

Why would you want to have a brush that can do this? One of the main reasons why coffee is spoilt or why one can make a bad brew of coffee is the tainting that occurs through remnants of past brews in your coffee percolator. In other words, if the percolator is not cleaned properly and regularly, the coffee that you brew in your coffee percolator will be affected by the residues of previous brews.

Given that the column of a coffee percolator is the most difficult component to clean, a percolator brush is essential to ensure the proper maintenance of your coffee percolator.

By using the percolator brush you can literally scrub the centre column of your percolator ensuring that it is clean and free of residues.

Thus the flavor and aroma of the coffee you subsequently brew will only be influenced by the fresh coffee grounds that you use. This does not mean that you cannot spoil the brew.

If you allow the coffee to percolate for too long, it will become very dark and bitter. Of course that might very well be the intention behind the use of a coffee percolator.

That is then a conscious decision taken by the coffee lover when initiating the coffee percolating process. It would be a pity, however, if the coffee you are brewing would be spoil through the lack of a simple brush.


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