How to use a percolator?

It is very easy to learn how to use a percolator. Although, there are many different brands of coffee percolators in the market place. Each coffee percolator, be it a stove top percolator or an electric percolator, all work in the same manner.

The principles that make the percolator perform its magic are universal, regardless of what type or what brand of perk coffee maker it is you are using.

So, how to use a percolator? The first thing one has to do is ensure that all the components are clean. If there are any remnants of previous brews then the chances are that the new brew will be tainted by these left-overs.

It is therefore very important to ensure that the percolator coffee maker is clean – all of it. The next step entails putting water into the bottom of the percolator.


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There will be an indication as to the correct level to which one can fill the water reservoir. This level indicator is there for a purpose – it should be adhered too.

Once the water is in the bottom of the percolator it is then time to add the grounds to the basket.

It is important to note that the perk coffee maker is not a closed system. This means that there is no build up of steam pressure to drive the water through the coffee grounds.

It follows that the perk coffee maker will need coffee grounds that are relatively coarsely ground. This will allow the water to percolate freely through the coffee grounds in the grounds basket.

Then all that remains is to complete the assembly of the percolator and place it on a heat source.

That is how easy it is to learn how to use a percolator. What follows is not really visible to the eye unless you have a glass percolator.

As the water in the reservoir heats up and reaches boiling point, the heated water will rise up the centre column to spill out over the grounds that are in the filter basket.

The hot water will then percolate through the grounds and flow back down into the reservoir below. The coffee is then infused into the water blow.

This is then drawn up the centre column again to be spilt out over the wet grounds again. This process is completed for as long as the percolator is standing on a heat source.

The advantage of a glass percolator is that one is able to accurately assess the strength of the brew by looking at the colour of the coffee at the bottom of the percolator.

Once it is done you are ready to serve. It is really easy to learn how to use a percolator, don't you agree?


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