This Elegant Stove top Percolator is What Attracts Me

Stove top percolators are one of the very first coffee makers that were used to brew coffee. Before the advent of the modern coffee maker stovetop percolators were widely used for brewing coffee.

These are normally set on top of a heat source, such as a flame to heat up the water. Once water is heated, it rises to the coffee chamber, where the water mixes with the coffee grounds and coffee extraction occurs.

The duration of how long the pot stays on top of the flame influences how strong the coffee becomes in the end. Stove top percolator are still being used today, despite the advent of modern coffee makers and electric percolators.

Some popular stovetop percolator are the Dualit Coffee Percolator, a cordless percolator, and the Metro Stainless Steel Stove top Percolator.


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My favorite for this category is the Metro percolator. The Metro Stainless Steel Stovetop Percolator is very elegant and looks like a very old fashioned and antique percolator. As such, it is a very delicate instrument, despite its stainless steel construction and must be handled with care.

This stove top percolator can brew for up to 8 cups of coffee, which is the ideal size for home use, whether to perk coffee for the whole household or for guests.

Fill up the bottom chamber with water up to the appropriate water indicator line, and fill up the filter basket with the appropriate amount of coarsely ground coffee.

Set it on the stove on a low heat, and allow it to perk coffee for 4 to 6 minutes or longer, depending on how strong you want the coffee to be.

Once the percolator coffee maker has been sitting on the stove for the desired amount of time, let it sit on a cool surface for a few moments before serving.

The Metro Stainless Steel Stovetop Percolator has a phenolic handle that remains cool to the touch, making it easy to handle even when the pot has been sitting on the stove for quite a while.

However, one of its biggest drawbacks is that the top knob is made of plastic, which has a tendency to melt after the percolator has been in use for a number of times.

Despite this setback, replacement knobs are cheap and readily available, but the melting issue could have been avoided if it was made of a more heat-resistant material, such as glass.

Did I mentioned that the Metro Percolator is very affordable, costing less than $30?

So, if you need a very unique coffee maker, such as a coffee percolator, that you want to use to impress your guests when serving coffee, the Metro Stainless Steel Stove top Percolator might be the one for you.


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