Melitta coffee pots actually make it easier

Here we are talking about melitta coffee pots. Then as we are talking about coffee brands, what comes to mind almost immediately is the Melitta brand.

Melitta has been making the coffee industry's best coffee machine and best espresso machine for over a hundred years. Not only are Melitta coffee machines and Melitta coffee pots one of the most affordable but they also make good coffee brews.

If you want fast and excellent coffee without compromising the flavor, Melitta is the choice to make.

Now, do you know what is the favorite "size" for coffee makers? Based on a coffee machine review and espresso machine review all over the internet highlighted that the 6 cup coffee maker is the perfect size for a coffee machine for a family.


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Here is why – 4 cups is too few, especially when you have guests, and 10 cups is too much, especially when you’re the only one drinking coffee. Though it is still best to have a spare coffee pot lying around, just in case.

Anyway, lets go back to melitta coffee pots, or does it really make coffee easily? Now, this Melitta manual coffee maker is your usual two-piece coffee set – the coffee maker and the carafe. What I like about manual coffee makers over automatic ones is that it gives you more control over one of the most important factors in making the perfect brew – water.

melitta-coffee-pots This particular coffee maker allows you to heat water separately up to your desired temperature. Then the water is poured over the coffee grounds – you can either just pour it in or you can distribute the water evenly over the coffee grounds, which is what I prefer to do because of the better flavor it gives.

Temperature control is the key to the difference between making good coffee and great coffee and with the Melitta coffee maker it gave me just that – great coffee.

Of course, coffee preparation takes a little more effort and a few minutes longer with a manual coffee machine but the outcome is way better because of your total control in preparing coffee. I expected more work to be done but preparing coffee with the Melitta manual coffee maker was practically hassle free.

Paired with the right quality of coffee grounds and with the right brewing system, coffee perfection is just a few minutes away as I have experienced with this coffee maker.

At $11.99 this brewer is one the most economical priced around. And it does not stop here, there are different varieties of the Melitta coffee pots are available to suit everyone's coffee needs and preferences.

For those who want the feel of a retro coffee machine, Melitta also has a porcelain manual coffee maker sold at a higher price. They really thought of everything, don't they...


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