I love keurig k cups than my melitta coffee pods

by Bert

I am happy in buying a keurig k cups from my wife this year, I immediately went through a lot of k-cups.

I like the tastes of coffee available in the cups, but i love my coffee bean and tea leaf too, and I’ve been missing it since I purchased these.

Now i get the best of both worlds with the re-usable set up. If you are yearning for a strong cup, which you generally don’t get with the k-cups, this is the thing for you.

I did not have any breakage problem some have reported here and the cleaning it up is so easy. I scoop the grinds into the filter, run the machine and when done, i just rinse in the sink and air dry.

I don’t really need to be washed with soap and water every time as it cleans very easily.

I have had nothing but strong, great coffee with the filter-even on the larger size cup setting, no leaking, spillage, boiling over, etc. It works very very well!! I love it.

With my melitta coffee pods, I can't say enough about its line of coffees.

They are I think one of the best coffees I've ever tried at home. I typically buy the best coffee flavor and fill my coffee cup twice.

I use Melitta Coffee maker, one large cup and one small cup buttons. It is completely diluted, but still very strong. My wife prefers the brand, "Love At First Sip".

It's a bit milder blend, but I still love it, even when pressing the small cup button twice.

These coffee blends taste like coffee shop coffees you buy in the trendy coffee houses.

You will like these coffees when you try it.

But I still prefer my keurig k cups

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