Coffee on us means that you would get free coffee from us -folks from "On Coffee Makers"

Coffee on us, is a page that is designed to reward surfers with free coffee. Have-a-coffee-on-us Throughout the site, we have given information on coffee and coffee makers, and we thought why not have a conduit to allow YOU, the readers to submit your thoughts.

Then, we thought if you would to submit your thoughts, we cannot allow you to write for nothing. So, we would "pay" you with a cup of coffee!

In addition, once it fulfills certain criteria, you would join in for that month contest. So, check out this month contest, and start joining in the fun!

Share your best coffee experience then get a coffee on us and win some prizes!

A chance to win $200 in prizes and definite $2.50 complimentary coffee for every published reviews when you share with us your best coffee experience.

If your entry got 3 or more comments, you immediately entered our Monthly Contest.

So, send in now and start promoting your entry to win that grand prize!

Contest is over, congrats to winners:)We are still giving free coffee for writing in though
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I need to buy coffee for my daily body fuel 
Its the start of another day and I need to buy coffee again. It has always been my daily ritual upon waking up, to start my morning by drinking a hot …

A little beer, a little decaf coffee and lots of grill 
I was out today to have some barbeque with my friends. Everytime when we have some free hours to spend, we would call each other up and set a date to …

Freshly ground cofffee beans in time of trouble 
The day was spent making checks and paying all my monthly bills at home. While I am trying to compute why have I spent too much again this month, I go …

Gotta have my specialty coffee before riding my bike 
Just as I got up today, I was really excited for the activities that I would be doing today. Today is the day that I would take out my Harley out …

Gourmet Coffee Made My Headache Go Away 
I have a terrible headache today. Due to constant hot weather, I have a head splitting headache every single day. I don’t know if this is normal, …

Organic Coffee while it is pouring outside 
I am so glad that the rain has finally fallen down yesterday! For a couple of months, it has been bvery hot every single day! The electric bills have …

Loaded with Chocolate Flavored Coffee from Starbucks, we decided to hit the beach 
Yesterday I was out with my friends to just hang out in the beach. We decided to leave early so that we could see the sunrise and take some good pictures. …

douwe really does it for me,  Not rated yet
I went to a restaurant with a friend about a month ago. After a great meal, we both had coffee. OMG, smelled good, tasted great, not bitter or harsh. …

the capsule nespresso is very my love coffee Not rated yet
the first time i tried the nespresso capusule coffee fantastic coffee and it the red colour nespresso coffee maker is good and colourful.

I am a substitute teacher and a bad day turns good when there is enough coffee!!!! Not rated yet
I discovered latae coffee iced perfectly at the Java Hut in greenville south carolina, a few years ago, and I have been a iced coffee lover ever since. …

Life is too short to drink bad coffee! Not rated yet
My husband of less than 2 years has joined me in this motto and we share our coffee fanaticism as we shop and seek new places to travel or pass time. …

Community Coffee - anytime anywhere Not rated yet
Louisiana introduced me to many delights. In some ways it is like traveling to a foreign country. It is not set up like the other states with counties, …

Smoked Coffee Not rated yet
Two years ago we had a bad ice storm. I was without electricity for a week and untill a friend brought a ventless propane heater, I had no heat. My …

My kids know how much I love homemade mothers day cards and gifts. Last year, they got really creative. I woke up to my 9,6, and 2 year old children …

My Coffee Habit. Not rated yet
I am a big coffee drinker, I drink instant coffee in the morning, then my husband and I go walking thats 30 minutes from our home. Naturally, there's …

Mcdonald's Coffee Offer Really Worked My Appetite Not rated yet
I have gone to Mcdonald’s a while ago to get my lunch. Because for today, I am not quite feeling well as I haven’t really slept that long last night. …

Steal this coffee! Not rated yet
This story is not a fabrication. One of my greatest coffee experiences was at a Starbucks location. I had just finished watching a Mariners game in …

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