Gotta have my specialty coffee before riding my bike

by Allen

Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee

Just as I got up today, I was really excited for the activities that I would be doing today.

Today is the day that I would take out my Harley out of the garage and tweak it as it has been in the garage for a very long time.

I haven’t rode my bike for close to 2 years because I have had a trauma because of the fall I took the last time I rode it in the open road.

It was a pretty bad experience because I broke a couple of bones and had to spend a couple of weeks in the hospital.

So as I woke up, I immediately made made my specialty coffee for help me kick start my body for the day.

I really love my specialty coffee as it is one of the best coffees I had in my life. The idea that it was specially grown in certain climates, makes it much more appealing.

I love to have my coffee really strong with my usual pancake, eggs and bacon. After breakfast, I took out my bike, got all the tools ready and started working on my bike.

There was a bit of rust so I need to do some detailing and some tweaking with it.

I changed the oil and made all the chrome parts gleam again. Working on my bike makes me really excited to ride on it again.

I was amazed that not very much repair needs to be done and after a couple of tweaking here and there, I was ready to ride my bike again.

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