Organic Coffee while it is pouring outside

by Ryan

Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee

I am so glad that the rain has finally fallen down yesterday! For a couple of months, it has been bvery hot every single day!

The electric bills have risen almost double my regular monthly bill and for a couple of month I have to deal with high electricity bills because of non stop air conditioning.

Imagine how happy I was yesterday when I was reading the papers and sipping on my organic coffee when suddenly I saw that the skies slowly begin to darken, and I heard a couple of raindrop slowly dribble in my roof.

I immediately knew that it was going to rain. Imaging how happy I was that time.

After a couple of minutes of slow dribble, I began to turn into rain, and after some more minutes, it was really pouring!

The surrounding became cool again, I turned off the air conditioning and watched as the rain poured really hard outside.

I was even contemplating of showering in the rain, but some people told me that it was bad to shower in the first pour of rain after a long summer. Some even called it acid rain.

So I just happily watched in my window while I was continuing to sip my coffee.

But outside, I see some kids happily shower in the rain. I knew they were waiting for this for a very long time. And so right now, it is the second day of rain.

I thank God for giving us rain, because we waited for this for a very long time.

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by: Gwen

Organic coffee is one of my favorite blends to buy in the market. Not only that it came from the local farmers, but it tastes much better than the regular coffee I buy in the grocery. Great post, please continue to share more stories!

coffee in the rain
by: China

What better thing to do when it rains than to drink a hot cup of organic coffee. In our town it also started to rain, which is really good as it became really hot in the past weeks. I just love to enjoy my cup of coffee while watching the rain. Thanks for the post!

coffee shop offers organic
by: Sonny

A local coffee shop has been selling a local organic coffee blend which I really love to get every morning. It is much better than the regular drip coffee that I get. Gotta love organic coffee! Thanks for sharing!

Tade Fair
by: Rory

Wonderful Post! I have been to a local trade fair and got myself some organic coffee for our daily stock. I love getting organic coffee at local trade fairs because I get it at a low price and I get it fresh straight from the farmers.

Organic Coffee
by: Ben

Organic coffee is one of my favorite blends in the market. Although it is much expensive, I think that it brings better flavor out of the coffee. Im off to the grocery and will buy my stock of organic coffee. Great post!

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