Freshly ground cofffee beans in time of trouble

by Alex

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

The day was spent making checks and paying all my monthly bills at home. While I am trying to compute why have I spent too much again this month, I go to my coffee cabinet and got me some coffee beans that I bought last weekend at a local farm located near my town.

I grind the beans myself because I find it much better to grind my beans with an electric grinder and not buy those pre-ground beans.

I have long veered clear of the instant coffee and will stick with freshly ground and brewed coffee from this moment on. It is just better to become a coffee purist.

The electricity nowadays have really gone up, I don’t know what is the problem of our local power supplier, but every month the charge just seems to grow.

I think they are taking advantage of the people because we have no choice if we ever decide to leave the power supplier.

There are no other power suppliers but them. That is why they take advantage of us and dictate the price they want to charge us every month.

I really want to face them and tell them that they are too much and should give us customers some discount.

I am really having a headache thinking all about this, good thing is that I have my trusty coffee maker and my hot cup of coffee beside me to at least bring some warmth in me.

Now time to start writing checks again because I have no choice but to pay all the bills.

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