What to Write about?

Seriously, if I would to tell you anything. So long as it it related a a great coffee experience!

But first, what would you get for writing and sharing about your coffee experience? Well, for your effort, we would buy you a cup of coffee click on the link for how it works.

If you are thinking about what to write about the best coffee experience, here are some pointers to start your thinking process:

- A cafe that serves superb espresso

- A vending machine with great scenery

- A grinder that delivers exceptional grind

- A trust worth roaster that is able to achieve the blend

- An old vaccuum coffee brewer that still works

- A super easy to use single cup coffee brewer

- An espresso machine that froth great cappuccino

- A baristas that is very friendly

- A coffee shop that always have great discount

- A hotdog stand that serves great coffee

...the list can go on and so long as it is a great coffee experience, send it in and let us buy you that cup of coffee!

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