Turkish coffee recipe – what is inside

A good Turkish coffee recipe has five basic ingredients; water, ground coffee, cardamom, sugar and time. Turkish coffee is a coffee experience that cannot be rushed.

You require a lot of time to fully appreciate all that goes into the making of good Turkish coffee. Depending on the number of cups of coffee you want to make you have to select the right sized ibrik for the coffee making process.

For every cup of coffee you want to make, the Turkish coffee recipe requires one cup of water plus an additional half a cup for the coffee grounds left over at the end.

The coffee, the finely ground coffee, the cardamom and the sugar are all added to the water in the ibrik and stir together.

This is different from other coffee recipes as all the ingredients are added at the outset. Using its long wooden handle, the ibrik should be brought to heat and the water should be slowly heated.


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It is important to stir the mixture and to make that it does not heat too quickly. As the mixture slowly heats up a thick layer of foam is formed on top.

The Turkish coffee should ideally not boil for too long as it will spoil the taste. Stirring slowly and heating slowly are the two most important aspects of the Turkish coffee recipe. Once the coffee has been heated through and a thick layer of foam exists on top of the ibrik, the coffee can be poured. It works well with Turkish food, especially a traditional Turkish lamb recipe as the two will complement each other.

Before enjoying Turkish coffee, it is advisable to wait a little. As there is no filter involved in making Turkish coffee, the grounds are poured into the Turkish coffee cups as well.

If you allow the grounds to settle you will find that there is good coffee to be enjoyed in the top two thirds of the coffee cup. The grounds are in the bottom of the cup where they should preferably stay.

The strong Turkish coffee also goes well with Armenian food and Lebanese food. It is the cardamom spice that makes a difference.

Related to the ginger family, cardamom is a spice used, amongst others, in the Middle East to flavor food, tea and coffee.

A sprinkling of cardamom in the coffee gives the coffee a flavor that will make it distinctive and easily recognizable. Above all, to enjoy a good Turkish coffee you need time.


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