How to Make Turkish Coffee – The Materials you will need

It is not difficult to make turkish coffee, but one have to note that the steps and materials involved would be very different.

Turkish coffee is very flavorful and very strong. Making Turkish coffee is quite different from making coffee and espresso, even the materials that you will need are quite different as well.

Turkish coffee is not brewed with modern coffee machines. It is traditionally made with an ibrik or cezve, which is also known as a Turkish coffee pot.

In essence, it is a small boiling pot. The cezve is traditionally made of copper, but it also comes in aluminum and sometimes has a non-stick coating.


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The size of the cezve correlates to the number of coffee cups that one wants to brew in one sitting.

Take note, though, that a cup of Turkish coffee is quite small just like espresso cups, due to the fact that Turkish coffee is quite strong.

Secondly, to make Turkish coffee, one would need a heat source. Low to moderate heat is recommended since it is important not to bring the mixture of coffee and water to a boil.

In fact, the mixture should not boil at all during the preparation process.

This brings us to the third important component when making Turkish coffee, which is the ground coffee. Using Turkish gourmet coffee is recommended to get the right flavor.

For instance, Natasha’s Café offers Turkish Blend coffee beans. The coffee grounds should be very fine, even finer than the espresso grind.

Traditionally, the coffee beans are ground and crushed to a very fine powder using a mortar and pestle, but a burr mill can also do the task, as long as it has the appropriate setting.

Alternatively, there are traditional Turkish hand grinders that can grind the beans to the ideal consistency.

Lastly, sugar is used to make Turkish coffee. The amount of sugar one will use will totally depend on one’s preference. Plain Turkish coffee is prepared with no sugar at all, while sweetened Turkish coffee varies according to the amount of sugar that is added.

The amount added varies from half a teaspoon, a teaspoon, to one and a half teaspoons of sugar.

For more details in making turkish coffee, see: Steps to make turkish coffee


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