Most people that buy Senseo coffee pod, like Senseo.

Most people buy a Senseo coffee pods, simply like its coffee. At first this might seem to be an obvious statement. This should be the case isn't it? But, you must know that folks that buy this single cup coffee maker can actually used any coffee, but still they chose to use its coffee pods.

At the heart of the Senseo coffee maker system is the Senseo coffee pod. By far the vast majority of Senseo coffee machines purchased make use of the Senseo pods.

It is the quality of the coffee on offer in the Senseo coffee pod that is the most powerful argument in favor of this product. The fact that the company Douwe Egberts is behind the Senseo brands reinforces the quality characteristics of this leading market brand.

The range of coffee machines made by Douwe Egberts are characterized by the fact that they are single serve coffee makers. This company is famous for its one touch coffee systems. Founded in 1753 as a grocery store, Douwe Egberts began trading with coffee in 1780.


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With such a long history in the coffee business there is not much you can tell Douwe Egberts about coffee. In 1978 this company was taken over by a Sara-Lee.

Together with Philips, Douwe Egberts make all machines under the famed Senseo label. The concept of pod coffee is a relatively new one. Douwe Egberts saw a market opportunity and seriously pursued their intention to become a leader in the marketplace.

The Senseo pod (actually it is called pads) has been the foundation on which this market dominance has been built. Backed by the excellent reputation that a company such as Douwe Egberts has, it is little wonder that the Senseo gourmet coffee pod is as popular as it is today.


Then, it is a well known fact that the Senseo coffee system allows each coffee drinker to customize their own coffee experience using systems such as coffee ducks, people turn to Senseo by choice.

In addition, there are many other coffee maker pods in the marketplace today. But, not all pod coffee is of the same quality and similarly ability to customize your own coffee might not meant good coffee.

So, personally I think Senseo is one that is popular because of its quality. It’s not as if coffee lovers do not have the choice.They want the comfort of knowing that the products they buy and consume are of the best quality.

In all fields of consumer goods, you will find one or two market leaders. Whether it is, cars, clothes or jewelry, in each field you will find a brand leader.

The brand leader occupies of this position the cause of the quality of product they offer. The same applies to the Senseo coffee system.


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