Douwe egberts upped the stake for "easy" coffee!

Douwe Egberts has always been known for gourmet coffee, and with more than 200 years of coffee sales under their name, they deserved this reputation. Recently, they bring in new innovation for coffee, giving consumers more convenience in enjoying their cuppa.

No, I am not going to talk about Senseo, a single serve that can dispense coffee easily. I am going to share a device that can "make" coffee without any coffee machines!

Douwe Egberts has a range of coffee products branded as cafe switch. It comes with 2 pods, one containing coffee and another whitener. All you need to enjoyed this coffee is by "pumping" the coffee out and adding some hot water.

Although it sounds so much like instant coffee, the taste is better. While it is lighter in taste and does not come as strong as an espresso, its taste profile is still several notch above instant coffee.

They have a couple of flavors, and personally, their "white innocence which is added with caramel and vanilla flavor is better than Starbucks Vanilla latte. And, that is how well cafe Switch coffee is.


How cafe switch "make" coffee

This Douwe Egberts comes packed in plastic pods, about an inch deep and 2 inches wide. There is a coffee pods and a whitener pods.

First, you would use both thumbs to "pump" the underside of each pods to mix the coffee and whitener. You would know it is mixed when the mixing slurping sound are replaced with an airy sound.

Then, once the coffee and whitener are mixed, you can proceed to open the pods at the central opening. I guess you would fingernails for this action, as there are flap for you to pull. You would need to use your fingernails and lift the surface. This would expose a hole under which is frothy and pressurized.

When the hole is being exposed, the liquid would probably squirt out. So, it would be good if you can do it over your coffee cups. Lastly, fold the 2 pods together and squeeze the mixture out.

Add some hot water to this mixture, stirred it and you have a good cuppa! It is very easy and may I say is a more convenient way to enjoy Douwe Egberts this way than from a Senseo.

I guess the question is how comparable it this to "coffee machine" brewed coffee, or it is closer to granules instant coffee. To me, Cafe Switch come across as a coffee that is better than coffee machine's, so definitely much better than instant coffee...

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