Single Pod Brewer or Mypressi, which is More Portable?

Single Pod brewer delivers a cup of coffee speedily in just one minute. You get a energizing and refreshing cuppa with a press of a button easily.

When it comes to portable brewers, you have two different options:

1. The single pod coffee maker such as the Keurig B30 or

2. The latest portable espresso maker, Mypressi Twist.

To help you decide which one is better and are capable of creating a perfect shot of espresso, it is best first to go after each of their features and functionality.


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single Pod brewer

The Keurig B30 is one of the coffee machines that can be considered to be top of the line when it comes to mini sized coffee makers.

This coffee machine is a compact mini brewer that creates a magnificent cup of consistent, fresh, hot cup of coffee in under three minutes.

Because Keurig B30 make use of a single serve brewing system. It operates on one touch technology, making it hassle-free to use since there are no grinding of beans, handling of filters and measuring of coffee involved.

In order to create a perfect cup of coffee, all you have to complete is unlock the lid, place in the mug or cup and lock the lid, push a button and sit back to benefit from the great cup of coffee.

Portable espresso maker

On the other hand, there is also this Mypressi Twist which is a portable espresso maker.

The Mypressi Twist creates shot of espresso speedily nad you have a choice of using ese pods or coffee grounds.

With Mypressi Twist you are assured of obtaining a fresh and perfect cup of espresso ANYWHERE since it also makes use of an innovative brewing system that do not require electricity.

In fact, Mypressi Twist garnered good reviews from almost all the different websites around and it is voted by the Specialty Coffee Association of America as the newest consumer product for 2009-2010.

So in summary, Mypressi Twist is more portable, both are equally easy to use, but Keurig B30 brews better espresso and with that, which pod brewer would you choose? Choose one that suits your lifestyle.

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