Choosing Among Industrial Coffee Machines in Three Simple Steps

Whether you’re in the food industry or simply working in your own office, commercial coffee machines or industrial coffee machines will be a welcome addition. Have-a-coffee-on-us Not only will it serve to help your clients, customers, and guests feel at home by serving them delicious gourmet coffee, but it will also help keep your workers and colleagues alert and in high spirits and morale.

However, there is one big problem that springs to mind once you decide that it’s about time to get a coffee maker for the workplace --- which among the endless list of industrial coffee machines should you choose?

So, with these three simple steps, you are able to choose one among the wide variety of industrial coffee machines out there.


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1. Determine your budget.

Keep in mind that industrial coffee machines are expensive and normally priced higher than home coffee makers.

This is due to the simple fact that commercial coffee machines should be built out of sturdier and more durable materials and components.

Not to mention that industrial coffee machines should be more sophisticated in their designs to brew higher volumes of coffee in a relatively short amount of time.

Unlike home coffee makers, industrial coffee brewers should be able to withstand the stress and abuse of having to brew large quantities of coffee on a daily basis without showing any signs of slowing down.

Therefore, expect to spend a lot more for a commercial coffee maker and determine how much you or your office is willing to spend for a good commercial coffee maker.

2. Determine the ideal brewing capacity.

Some commercial coffee makers are specifically designed for low to medium volume applications, while some are specifically designed for high volume applications.

Therefore, it becomes very important to consider the number of people that the coffee maker will be brewing for.

Obviously, getting a high volume commercial coffee maker is wasteful if it is only going to brew for a small group of people.

However, for growing offices and the like, it is wiser to invest in a commercial coffee maker that can brew an excessive amount of cups in one brewing cycle to make way for any new and upcoming additions.

3. Narrow down on the brands that can meet your needs based on the two variables mentioned above.

It is very crucial that you get the coffee maker that would best suit your needs. Therefore, you should take note of the brands that offer office coffee machines or industrial coffee makers that meet the two variables mentioned above.

Doing a little research and comparing what the different brands are offering goes a long way and ultimately allows you to get the best value for your money.

For starters, it would be a good idea to look at the brands that have made a name for themselves for their commercial coffee makers such as Bunn, DeLonghi, and Saeco, among others.


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